Max Scratchmann

British illustrator and humorist, Max Scratchmann was born the son of a Dundee Jute Wallah in Calcutta, India, in 1956, and sold his first painting in 1973 at the age of seventeen. He published numerous cartoons and comic poems in the late 1970s and entered the ‘commercial art’ world in the early 1980s producing a Super 8mm Fanzine and then graduating to writing and illustrating for various film magazines.

However, Max soon became restless and branched out into full time illustrating in the mid 1980s. Over the years he has produced comics and children’s books and has illustrated countless theatre posters and record sleeves, around forty book covers and over a thousand magazine spots. His poetry has appeared in pamphlets and anthologies everywhere, the most notable collection being Star Trek, The Poems from the Iron press.

Max is also the author of the hilarious and unintentionally controversial autobiography, Chucking It All, an account of the seven years he spent in the Orkney isles, as well as two critically acclaimed illustrators’ manuals. He is currently working on a copiously illustrated collection of his eccentric comic verse.

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