Rubber Boy

Reginald Revicticus, Tar-Macadam Jones,
Was a lad who was cursed with foam rubber bones.
He bounced in the school bus and floated in the bath,
And if a gust of wind came by, it blew him down the path.

They took him to a doctor who said it was a shame,
But, at least, when he was older he would certainly have fame,
But, alas, for now, he told his Mum, there's nothing I can do,
Just take him home and keep him dry and watch his drinking too.

But Reginald said, Goodbye, cruel world, I'm going to end it all,
I'm sick of being the bendy boy and tumbling down the hall,
And so he drank ten gallon drums of water from the meter,
But he didn't burst, he just absorbed, his bones were by Vileda.

Bouncing Back

An absorbing poem about Reginald Revicticus, a boy with sponge bones.


Medical Poems


Max Scratchmann

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