The Awful Story of Neville,
the Depressive Blueberry

A blueberry, you all should think,
Should shine quite bright, be quite succinct,
And grace a cheerful breakfast bowl,
To shine out bold should be its role.

So then imagine my dismay,
When I sat down one autumn day,
To see a berry, dull and wan,
I said, look here, that is not on.

Why shine you not like morning dew?
He looked at me, said, why, would you?
I sit here on your breakfast bowl,
Beside your jam and toasted roll,

And watch you swing that killer spoon,
And hear you chew, you murderous goon,
Why then should I not desiccate,
While you prepare to masticate?

I shed a tear, I said, it's true,
It is my plan to dine on you,
So could you not be bright and new,
Until the moment of your cue?

He shook his head, he said no way,
I will not cheer my dying day,
And so I took him in my spoon,
And swallowed up the tearful loon.

But as a postscript, I should mention,
He gave me fearful indigestion.

Feeling Blue

A tortured tale of a blue blueberry who fails to live up to consumer expectations, but goes on to extract a painful revenge.


Nonsense Verse


Max Scratchmann

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