Sperm Bank Baby

See, my daddy was a donor,
Yep, a donor with a boner,
And I'm afraid that my inception,
Was a tragic misconception,
For I find it hard to think,
That as he hovered on the brink,
Ogling tits or big behind,
That I was much upon his mind,
And I cannot see that he would say,
My boy will study Greek one day,
Or visualise my graduation,
Amidst his act of masturbation.

My mammy chides me for my thoughts,
And says she sends him my reports,
But it's hard to mail a Father's card,
To Donor Nine, that phantom bard,
Or gaze upon the mantelpiece,
And find my cynic thoughts do cease,
When there's no picture handing up,
But just a single paper cup.

Artificial Insemination

A poem about artificial insemination which considers both emotional and physical aspects of the act.


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Max Scratchmann

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