The Red Shoes in Limericks

There was a young lady called Shearer,
Who was partial to men in her beaver,
She said, though it shocks,
I like lots of cocks,
And I works myself up to a fever.

So she danced in her old Jimmy Choos,
A ballet that she called the Red Shoes,
Where she fucked gay young men,
From noon until ten,
In the bedrooms, the halls and the loos.

Then she met with a fellow named Powell,
Who said, can I film while you howl?
I'll be your own Peeping Tom,
While you plays with your homme,
And wear nothing but smiles and a towel.

Highly Sexed

Three interlinked limerick poems recount the life of a highly sexed young lady.


Funny Sex Poems


Max Scratchmann

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