Domestic Bliss

Come and walk with me this evening, said the lady to her beau,
Let's trip the light fantastic and walk upon the eau,
We'll dine upon a thousand shells and cold mock-turtle stew,
And drink the best rose petal wine distilled form morning dew.

Oh no, replied her husband tall, I'd rather stay at home,
I have no taste for roaring waves or tosséd ocean foam,
Let's make ourselves a cup of tea and Bourbon biscuits dark,
Or maybe take the vacuum flask and prom'and in the park.

The lady said, my own true love, you'll set my heart quite soaring,
Goodbye, my love, I'm leaving now, you are too bloody boring.

Love Divided

A couple with differing dreams and aspirations find there is no way to reconcile their differences.


Love Songs


Max Scratchmann

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