The Hurtin' Blues

My feet are hot and sore tonight, I have big Noddy feet,
They're hurtin' and they're throbbing an' generatin' heat,
I feel I've run the marathon, but without my runnin' shoes,
So I am gonna to treat you all to the classic sore feet blues:

Oh I'm hurtin' man, I'm hurtin' and my feet they hurtin' too,
They is throbbin', realy throbbin' an' they makes me feel so blue,
My woman she done bought her an electric ice-cold pack,
But when I asks to share it she just tells me, beat it, Jack.

My neighbour he is snoring, he sounds just like a saw,
And my feet they's still a-hurting when I takes me off next door,
He's a-sawing and a-sawing and he saws my feet clean off,
And now they're sure done hurtin' but I've suddenly caught a cough!

Saw Feet

A strange nonsense verse about the nagging effects of sore feet.


Medical Poems


Max Scratchmann

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