The Ballad of Chip and Pin

There once were two brothers called Chip and called Pin,
One was very fat, the other was thin,
They lived in a bungalow at old Chipping Sodbury,
The price that they paid for it was very near robbery.

One day they were sat and decided to anoint,
At a place on the map that they chose to pin point,
The memory of their dad who kept an old lock,
And said that his sons were a chip of his block.

They rang the old man but he was screening his calls,
So they tried to pin him down inside his four walls,
But his refusal to meet them became decidedly pointed,
And old Chip Senior just refused to be anointed.

So they decided at last to adopt grey pin stripes,
And chip in together for a set of bagpipes,
And there do we leave them, playing their song,
On a souvenir pin cushion, made in Hong Kong.

An Odd Couple

A tale of two brothers called Chip and Pin who live in the Cotswolds.


Nonsense Verse


Max Scratchmann

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