The Hungry Fish

The goldfish was a-swimming round, around the great big lake,
He said I want some chocolate, boys, I wants a chocolate cake,
He said I am so hungry, boys, that I will surely die,
So he ate the state of Texas and a maple pecan pie.

He swallowed up three shins of beef, he ate a leg of ham,
He thought that he was surely full, but then he ate a yam,
He loved that sweet potato taste and so he had some more,
And ate a spit-roast farmer’s ox as he’d done in days of yore.

Three wombats and a grizzly bear he swallowed one by one,
He ate a hefty hefalump, although it weighed a ton,
A vat of crisps and ginger bread, a stale week-old pork pie,
Two meatball cans, spaghetti hoops and a loaf of rye.

At last he cried, enough, enough, this is enough for me,
I have to stop the eating now, I'm going home for me tea.

Never Satisfied

A clean and wholesome poem about a fish who eats and eats, but is never satisfied.


Nonsense Verse


Max Scratchmann

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved


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