Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore Again
For William Brighty Rands

Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore,
Wrote a letter from Singapore,
To William Rands and Ogden Nash,
Involving large amounts of cash,
And as the two, it seems, paid up,
He went to restaurants to sup,
And ordered up six kinds to curry,
And told sad waiters to please hurry,
For time, for him, was running thin,
For, he felt, some murderous kin,
Not content with his deportation,
Held his death under consideration,
And twenty kung fu ninjas bold,
Had been recruited now for gold,
To put an end to our man Gore,
And stop his line for ever more,
But alas their evil plans were foiled,
When William Brighty Rands recoiled,
And said, no more, just cut the crap,
I will not face a murder rap,
The lad, I grant, your ass gives pain,
But simply send him off again,
I know a rocket bound for Mars,
Let’s send the blighter to the stars,
And thus they bundled Master Gore,
Into a capsule with no door,
And shot him off to outer space,
And cheered, no more we'll see his face,
But alas for them they found out soon,
That Godfrey mooned them from the moon.

Self-Referential Silliness

Max introduces us to some of the greats of the nonsense world, all rolled up into one particularly perplexing poem.


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Max Scratchmann

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