Did I Say the Wrong Thing?

Amanda Amelia McCutcheon Bombay,
Was a girl who never knew quite what to say,
At her grandmother's funeral she cried out, “Hooray!”
And when her dad declared bankrupt she said, “Can't he pay?”

One morning she heard that war was declared,
The words in her head were, “Oh gosh, I am scared,”
But out of her mouth she heard herself say,
“I do wished they'd picked a more convenient day.”

Invaders invaded and broke down her door,
She said, “Doesn't anyone knock any more?
But now that you're here you'd better have tea,
And is there room in your army for someone like me?”

The generals said, “Yes, do please be our spy!”
But Amanda spoiled everything by yelling on high,
“The enemy is crooked, his tongue it is forked,”
And as they gunned her right now she said, “Now, I'm porked!”

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Amanda is a text book sufferer from foot in mouth syndrome.


Nonsense Verse


Max Scratchmann

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