The Turtle and the Magimix

The Turtle and the Magimix were walking in the park,
And although it was but three o’clock it really was quite dark.
Good Turtle, quoth the Magimix, wherefore has gone the sun,
It is but not yet three o’clock, and yet his work seems done?

The Turtle took his handkerchief and looked out at the sky,
It is, indeed, a darkling sight, and midnight seems just nigh,
The stars they are a-twinkling and it seems quite plain to me,
That it should not be quite this dark before we've had our tea.

Just then a gale-force wind blew up and a Herring wandered by,
The Turtle clutched his beating heart and said, Oh me, oh my,
I fear that we have wandered far and lost our home door key,
For this is not our favourite park but the bottom of the sea.

An Unlikely Pair

A suitably surreal scenario for a poem which is about as silly as it comes.


Nonsense Verse


Max Scratchmann

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