The Cookie's Diet

Won't you dance with me on Tuesday, said the Chocolate Peppermint,
There's a ball at the Excelsior and the music is by Lindt,
There's a liquorice percussion and a chocolate microphone,
A sherbet fountain singer and strawberry ice cream cone.

But I am on a diet, the Cookie did reply,
How can I come and dance with you, oh apple of my eye,
I wear lettuce-leaf pyjamas and a periwinkle bra,
Yet you lure me off to Dreamland, good sir, you go too far!

But won't you come and dance with me in the Theatre of Dreams,
Where toffee flows like gingerbread and chocolate violet crèmes?
It's very true, my only love, but alas, I have to say,
I'm sticking with the salad bowl and going the Limits way.

A Biscuit By Any Other Name…

Apologies to English speaking readers for whom the term cookie is an abhorrence. Biscuit somehow doesn't cut the mustard in this instance.


Nonsense Verse


Max Scratchmann

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