Harold the Singing Doughnut

Harold the Doughnut, was a merry fellow,
With green-and-frost angelica and icing all a-yellow,
He sang each morn so all could hear, as busy as a bee,
An aria from Don Giovan, before he’d had his tea.

But then there came a man in black from HQ Krispy Kreme,
Who said, What’s all this singing? It sounds like a bad dream,
You doughnuts all are merchandise, lie down and act like cakes,
The customers want tasty snacks, not bloody singing bakes!

But Harold said, Alas alack, to sing is what I do,
And all his brother doughnuts cried, Us too, so nuts to you!
And thus they all did sing the parts, of operas by Wagner,
And people came from all around from Manchester to Banger.

And they built a Grand Ole Opry House upon the Morecambe pier,
And in the front they hung a plaque: Harold, he sang here.

Operatic Arias

A singing doughnut with a passion for Wagner is one of the more conventional elements in a poem which is pure nonsense.


Nonsense Verse


Max Scratchmann

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