Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind, a bondage nonsense poem

As the late wisteria flourishes and garden doors need coats of green,
Great Aunt Doris and her cousin, dress themselves for bondage scene,
Bulging breasts squash into corsets, bunioned feet in spiky heels,
Leather thongs on chubby buttocks, while tweedy suits are fast unpeeled.

Cousin Winnie dons her thigh-boots, glasses placed on sideboard close,
Knickers hang in tidy kitchen, with the plasters for their toes,
Freshly-cut cucumber sandwiches, under lace for hungry guests,
And heavy thick red brocade curtains, conceal the room from neighbour pests.

God bless you now, dear aunts in bondage, grace your service to mankind,
And may the Vicar at his Vespers, give grateful thanks for ties that bind.

A scene dform the nonsense poem 'Ties That Bind' in which a naked man in a dog collar dring from a dog bowl.

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