Pam Makes a Porno

Pam makes a porno, a nonsense sex poem

Oh, stick yer arse out, Doris, and give yer tits a squeeze,
And rub on some more suntan oil, then go down on yer knees,
Then run yer tongue down Tiffany's bum and make a gasping noise,
But watch yer don't ruin her tan, me dear, you'll upset all the boys.

Now here comes Rock with his chest all waxed and an arse like a baby's bum,
Go and pretend you're fucking him and stick yer ass to his tum,
Now grind your hips and squash your tits and make a groaning face,
Then flop right down on the shag-pile, luv, but don't make a mess of me place,

And when yer done if yer wants a brew be sure to rinse out yer cup,
Our Fred'll be home for his tea quite soon, I'll have ter tidy up.

Star Quality

A nonsense poem which veers from the gratuitously graphic to the mundanely domestic.


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Max Scratchmann

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