Skinny Vinnie

Skinny Vinnie was a boy who ate a lot of cake,
But no matter how much cake he ate he was thin as a rake,
He ate a stack of best cream buns and a slab of ginger bread,
But even after half a ton he still looked walking dead.

He swallowed down a brace of sponge as though it was a race,
But at the beach that very day had sand kicked in his face,
He said I must be surely cursed to be so small and weedy,
When I do eat so very much that people think I'm greedy.

Alas that day he met his end, whilst he, himself, was hating,
When munching on a big Choux Bun he tumbled down a grating.

Slight Disadvantage

How annoying is it when people eat like gluttons but look like rakes?


Cautionary Verse


Max Scratchmann

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