Shoe Boy

The boy was born with a shoe for a head

Anthony Alphonso Antonio Jedd
Was a boy who was born with a shoe for a head,
It wasn't very pretty in one oh so young,
But at least he had eyelets and a malleable tongue.

He went to the doctor and said with a sigh,
Can you help with this problem or else I will die?
I'm quite antisocial and I dread the warm weather,
When the hot summer sun puts cracks in my leather.

The physician he pondered and scratcher his head

The physician he pondered and scratched at his head,
I think, my young fellow, I'll send you to bed,
There no-one will see you, the problem’s resolved,
Now very good day to you, your worries are solved.

But hang on, said Anthony, that solution is rife,
I can’t stay in bed for my whole blooming life,
True, said the doctor, we must boredom abolish,
I'll send my old nurse round to give you a polish.

The nurse prepares to give the shoe boy polish

An Unfortunate Child

Shoe Boy tells the story of a lad with a most extraordinary medical condition.


Cautionary Verse


Max Scratchmann

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