The Horseshoe
With apologies to A E Houseman

Little Georgie Cameron-Beck,
Fell down stairs and broke his neck,
Lay a-bleeding on the rug,
Cursed his sister's ugly mug,
May fate rain down on sister Kate,
And her blasted roller skate.

Katie-Katie Cameron-Beck,
Girl who broke her brother's neck,
Found she always had bad luck,
Lost her money, every buck,
Missed her bus and missed her train,
Never went to school again,
Till one day she found a shoe,
Nailed it up in mother's loo,
Now good luck will on me pour,
Then fell down, went through the floor.

Mother said with vexéd frown,
You've nailed that horseshoe upside down,
But Katie snorted, not a chance,
Don't lead me a bloody dance,
So, enough of all that Houseman stuff,
We know why I've bad luck enough,
Rancid brother in his grave,
Has cursed my very daylight brave.
Just then a bolt of lightning struck,
Killed poor Katie, such bad luck,
Mother wept, leaned on her broom,
At least I can let out her room.


A contemporary cautionary tale of how bad luck can curiously spiral out of control.


Cautionary Verse


Max Scratchmann

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved