The Nonsense Herbal

Albert was a coriander, Joseph was a leaf,
Jonas was a parsley picker, Beryl was a thief.
Come my lads and listen clearly, let’s make cherry pie,
Mix it, licks it, spoon and fix it, wholemeal flour on rye.

Suddenly there came commotion, pastry fell and crumbled,
There stood Alfred, rogue of parsley, said, my boys, you’re rumbled.
Come, my herbs, let’s bouquet garni, season, simmer and spit,
Let’s go and add a fresh aroma, let us never quit.

So they dived in boiling water, like dolphins through a hoop,
Some have headstones in the churchyard, others only soup.

Bouquet Garni

A rhyme which offers a beguiling mix of cookery and death.


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Max Scratchmann

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