The Death of Barnabas McGhee

This is the story of Barnabas McGhee,
He was a small and skinny lad who never finished his tea,
One day he spied a strapping lass, her name was Violet Glue,
She was as round as Albert Hall and Piccadilly too!

But Barnabas he was entranced, he said, I am in love,
Oh be my wife and marry me, my dear, my sweet, my dove,
And Violet, she jumped for joy, and made the whole house shake,
Oh me a bride?  And all in white?  And all that wedding cake?

And thus upon a day in May they tied that silken knot,
And then to a big restaurant at eleven on the dot,
They ate all day and ate all night, till Violet was full,
And then she nudged her Barnabas and said, you wanna pull?

He took her to their hotel room but met untimely death,
For her carried her over the threshold and it robbed him of his breath!

Met His Match

Love, life, marriage and death follow in quick succession.


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Max Scratchmann

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