The MURDER Alphabet

A is for Albert, shot full of holes,
B is for Bernie, eaten by voles,
C is for Christine, thrown in a bog,
D is for Daniel, crushed by a log,
E is for Ethan, poisoned by night,
F is for Ferdinand, died of a fright,
G is for Gaynor, squashed by a door,
H is for Harriet, under the floor,
I is for Isobel, killed in the street,
J is for Jonah, hung by his feet,
K is for Kathleen, cursed by a coven,
L is for Lionel, baked in an oven,
M is for Michael, hacked into bits,
N is for Nigel, smothered by writs,
O is for Orpheus, strangled with silk,
P is for Prudence, sinking in milk,
Q is for Queenie, shot in the back,
R is for Rosy, drowned in a sack,
S is for Septimus, fed on ground glass,
T is for Timothy, shot by a lass,
U is for Ursula, shocked in the tub,
V is for Victor, a contracted rub,
W is for William, shot in the belly,
X is for Xanthie, poisoned by jelly,
Y is for Yoland, with her feet in concrete,
And Z is for Zoe, who ran off on fast feet!

An ABC Poem

An ingenious alphabet poem which sees successive victims dispatching in increasingly bizarre ways.


Funny Poems about Death


Max Scratchmann

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