The Love Song of the Jibbernob

An ugly beast, the Jibbernob, six legs and a starey eye,
And ‘tis said on stormy evenings, whoever sees it will die.
But the Jibbernob is a lonely cove, who has shedded many a tear,
And reads poetry and dances, but people still run in fear.

And by the light of the moon he is heard to sing, in a plaintive voice sublime,
“Oh woe is me, will I live and die, and for a lost love pine?
For I loved a lass with a love so clear, and she loved me with all her heart,
And she cared not for how I looked, she was smitten with Cupid's Dart!”

“But on a balmy night when the sea was ink, she was taken by the tide,
And I've never heard her voice again, though I've searched the ocean wide.”
So he roams the globe like a ghostly wraith, in search of his sweet love fair,
And his melancholy song can be heard by night, as it floats through the evening air.

So scorn him not, he's the Jibbernob, and he craves your understanding,
Give him your ear and listen to his song, that isn't too demanding!

An Ugly Hexapod

Welcome to to the world of the love lorn, love torn Jibbernob, who sings plaintive songs to his lost love.


Love Songs


Max Scratchmann

Copyright © Max Scratchmann. All Rights Reserved