Pre-Raphaelite Love Song

What ever happened to Alice Liddell when the cameras stopped snapping?
Did she fall through the looking glass, open a superstore, get caught napping?
Whatever happened to Lewis Carroll?
Lost an equation, over a barrel?
Whatever happened to Gabrielle Ray?
Famous tomorrow, forgotten today?
Whatever happened to Hayden Coffin?
Boxed in a casket, packed by a boffin?
Whatever happened to Willis O'Brien?
Immortal in Plasticine, couldn't stop crying?
Whatever happened to Pamela Greene?
Getting her tits out, green as a bean?
Whatever happened to Augustus John?
Panted the rainbow, sunshine was gone?
So whatever happened to Alice Liddell, Lizzie Siddell,
Piggy in the Middle,
Hayden Coffin, Noddy Boffin.
Gabrielle Ray, Doris Day, Fay Wray and King Kong,
And Anna May Wong?

Whatever Happened To?

Another nonsense verse, which name checks the famous and infamous of the pre-raphaelite era.


Love Songs


Max Scratchmann

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