More Nonsense Verse

More mayhem and madness as the real world disintegrates and is replaced by the strange parallel universe that is nonsense verse. Max's second helpings of nonsense includes poems about alcoholism, baking, circuses and doughnuts, a few poems that pay homage to the nonsense verse of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear, and the odd poem that has no discernable subject, theme, logic or meaning.


A poem which updates the Alice in Wonderland persona in a style true to Carroll's original.

Edward Lear Meets the Fluffadump

Are the writers of nonsense verse aware of the cruel fate they cast upon their creation?

The Pissed Newt

A toad and a newt have an inebriated argument over ownership of the expression as pissed as a...

Circus Daze

The archetypal sad clown is the centrepiece of Max's poem about the life of circus performers.

The Cheshire Cat’s Dream

Fantasy meets reality in a poem which features the Cheshire Cat and Alice Liddell (the model for Alice).

The Cookie’s Diet

A confectionary suffused nonsense poem about a cookie which is on a diet.

Harold the Singing Doughnut

An operatic doughnut is only one of many oddities in this very strange poem.

The Purple Beaked Gnu

If you're of a bent to argue that gnus don't have beaks, you clearly haven't grasped the finer points of the nonsense tradition.


A poem which asks more questions than it answers. Although this is a common feature of nonsense verse, Oligarths is an extreme example.

The Baker’s Nightmare

A freudian might read rather too much in the preponderance of animated fairy cakes that inhabit this particular baker's nightmare.

Anthony Grove Raines’ Gouache Lament

A poem into which you can read as much or as little as you like, or are able.

A Happy Event

A nonsense poem, horror story and morality play all rolled into one.

Don Jelly-Vani

More bakery inspired silliness in a poem featuring Vera Lynn, Fred Astaire and diarrhoea. What's that about seven degrees of separation.

Eviction Fever

Reflecting the general malaise of the UK housing market, Eviction Fever tells the tale of Jasper who goes all too quickly from in arrears to out on his ears.

The Guru

The pursest of nonsense, despite being a rhyme about the wisest of wise old birds.

My Rubber Hebrew Nose

A piece which is superficially xenophobic, quite possibly racist, but is really pure nonsense.

Afternoon Tea

Beware if you decide to take tea with the someone who offers delicacies served by murine waiters as you might find it difficult to tear yourself away.

At the Lion Bar

A strange poem about a lion who develops a taste for ice cream men - taste as in gustatory, rather than sexual predilection.

The Weasel's Opera

Tony, the star of ‘The Weasel's Opera’, gives performances that are real crowd pleasers..

The Mock Turtle Ball

When the mock turtles hold a ball, it's only for 'wise and clever folks', so I'm not sure where that leaves the likes of you and me.

The Sleeping Mask

A fantasy poem in which the mouse-like Henry Timid is transformed by putting on his sleeping mask.

The Soul of the Vole

A vole with unusual sartorial habits and a predilection for playing the cello.

A Summer Stroll with Lewis Carroll

A imagined meeting with Lewis Carroll is the starting point for a ramble through a nonsensical linguistic landscape.